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Information for Parents

Berard AIT does work!

Many children have been helped by it and there are numerous success stories and a number of reseach studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Berard AIT and the efficacy of the Berard Approved devices, the Earducator and the Audiokinetron. Research studies are available on the Idea Training Center website.

For those who do not speak English there are a number of Berard AIT related websites in other languages namely Spanish, Turkish and Swedish.

Considerations in Locating a Berard AIT Practitioner

 Parents need to become informed consumers in order to make knowledgeable decisions in selecting an auditory integration training center. There are a number of factors that may differ from one training center to another. Parents should be aware of these factors so they can ask informative questions that will aid them in choosing appropriate services. The following questions should help identify factors that may differ and which practitioners are using the Berard method of AIT.

1. What method is used - Berard, BGC, DAA or Tomatis? Has the practitioner made changes in the original method?

2. What training device is used, and did the practitioner receive training specifically for this device? (It should be consistent with the method.) Berard Practitioners only use Berard-approved equipment, the EarducatorTM or the Audiokinetron.

 3. Some practitioners are offering sound-based programs on CDs. Berard AIT
is only provided directly from the AIT device. Dr. Berard has not approved any home program based on use of CDs.

4. Did the practitioner receive instruction from an approved professional instructor with extensive practical experience in the same method? To see list of Berard AIT Instructors click here.

5. What is the practitioner's professional experience and background? How many clients have received AIT through their center so far? Is data collected and what does it indicate?

6. Is there an audiologist on staff for consultation? Is the audiologist trained in the method used?

7. If more than one type of device is used, can parents specify which one they wish their child to use? A few Berard AIT Practitioners have different devices and some may not be Berard-approved.

8. Do the headphones being used match the specifications recommended by the manufacturer of the device?

9. Is the music used tested and approved as effective for AIT?

10. What pre-training information and orientation is provided to prepare the individual for AIT?

11. What aftercare information and follow-up is provided? Is information provided on medications and other factors that may alter the results of AIT?

12. Where did the practitioner receive training in aftercare?

13. What other services does the practitioner provide with the AIT sessions?

14. Can the practitioner provide names of parents willing to share information about their own experience with training at that center?

Is my trainer / practitioner offering genuine Berard AIT? How do I become an AIT practitioner?
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