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Introduction to Bérard Auditory Integration Training (AIT) and its application

Bérard Auditory Integration Training is an intervention developed by Dr. Guy Bérard with the aim of correcting or improving auditory hypersensitivity, distortions, and delays in the signals that interfere with an individual's ability to process auditory information normally. Inconsistencies and distortions in the way sounds are perceived can make it difficult to interpret auditory stimuli. 


In addition, Dr. Bérard states that the ears must work together in a coordinated fashion.

If the hearing in one ear is different from the other, the person may have auditory processing problems. This lack of coordination between the ears contributes to difficulties in following directions, comprehending what is said or read, and putting thoughts into words. Dr. Bérard also states that some people hear certain frequencies much better than other frequencies. When this occurs, the person perceives sounds in a distorted manner, may be easily distracted, and may have difficulty understanding auditory information.

According to Dr. Bérard, these auditory problems are factors that contribute to disorders such as learning disabilities, attention deficit, dyslexia, hyperactivity, central auditory processing disorder, autism and pervasive developmental disorder. For data and documentation on the efficacy of Bérard AIT visit the Results page at

Bérard AIT is one of the most effective programs now available for the enhancement of listening skills, sensory processing, receptive and expressive language, learning problems and reduction of sound sensitivity.

When individuals experience difficulty with auditory perceptual and processing skills, it interferes with their ability to accurately understand what is heard and to effectively communicate their ideas and needs. As a result, behavioral issues often arise and social skills may be affected. Development may be hindered and the individual may not be able to reach their full potential.

The Auditory Integration Training Method

The individual listens through headphones to music that is specially modified by the Earducator, or the Audiokinetron, the Bérard devices designed for Bérard Auditory Integration Training. These devices modulate the music, and may be used to filter out specific frequencies. The training is provided for 30 minutes, twice a day for a total of 10 hours. Audio tests prior to training and after the first 5 hours of training indicate whether any specific filters may be used.

Are you or your children candidates for Auditory Integration Training?

Individuals who have the following problems may all be candidates for Bérard Auditory Integration Training :

  • learning and language difficulties 

  • sensory processing problems

  • poor attention

  • delay in processing information

  • poor auditory memory

  • inability to follow auditory directions

  • poor sequencing skills

  • misunderstanding of auditory information

  • hyper and/or hypo-sensitivity to specific sound frequencies, or fluctuations in one's ability to process auditory input appropriately 

The minimum age is 3 years, and there is no upper limit. Screening tests and interviews are performed prior to starting the program and if a candidate is found to be unsuitable then the program will not proceed. 

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