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  1. Can CDs with pre-recorded modulation (made by passing music through an AudioKinetron or EARDUCATOR) for general distribution be used for Bérard AIT ?

    As shown in Dr Bérard's statement on this website, the use of such CDs is expressly forbidden. There are several problems with using pre-modulated CDs. Using these CDs does not meet 3 of the 4 fundamental elements of Bérard AIT. Element 1 - the process of using pre-recorded CDs is not monitored by a Bérard Practitioner who supervises and provides assistance as the listener goes through changes and adjustments associated with rebalancing the auditory system.
    Element 2 - a variety of frequency filter combinations may be used by Bérard Practitioners to meet the unique needs of the individual. Pre-recording all of these combinations would require many CDs and be impractical. 
    Element 4 - only music from the approved list has been tested and found to be effective for AIT. Many pre-modulated CDs do not include the correct type of music.


  2. Are pre-modulated CDs for general distribution effective? 
    The advocates of this method claim positive results, but we have not been able to find any properly conducted scientific studies substantiating these claims. Many studies are available which show clear benefits from Bérard AIT using the AudioKinetron or EARDUCATOR. See SAIT website. As stated in Question 1, the music used on these CDs is not from the approved list of music that has been tested for effectiveness for AIT. In addition, some pre-modulated CDs have no provision for frequency filtering to meet individual unique needs.


  3. Has the EARDUCATOR been banned by the FDA and is it classified under Class 3 (dangerous) medical devices? 
    No. The EARDUCATOR has not been banned by the FDA. It is classified as an educational device and no medical claims have been made. Therefore it is not subject to FDA regulation.


  4. Is the EARDUCATOR a copy of any existing device? 
    No. The EARDUCATOR is a completely new design made to Dr Bérard's specifications, which uses the most up-to-date technology. In Dr Bérard's own words, it more accurately meets his requirements than any other device made previously. It is not claimed that the EARDUCATOR replicates the output of any other device.


  5. My Bérard trainer has suggested I can use a DAA device instead of the EARDUCATOR. Can I do this? 
    No, according to the 'Bérard-Approved' AIT Instructor Policy no trainer may offer any AIT device other than the EARDUCATOR and Audiokinetron. These are the only Bérard Approved devices. Instructors offering other devices are not following Dr Bérard's protocol. 


  6. What are the costs of training to become a practitioner? 
    We do not have up-to-date information about training costs internationally, and you should check with the trainer in your country. However we are aware that within our own area (Southern Africa) training costs vary enormously. We advise that you contact more than one trainer before making a decision. 


  7. Some websites seem to advocate the use of both the Earducator™ and the Digital Auditory Aerobics device while claiming to represent Bérard AIT, is this acceptable?
    No. Dr. Bérard, in his official website makes it very clear that only the AudioKinetron and Earducator are acceptable if the practitioner or trainer offers Bérard AIT. Sites claiming that using either device is acceptable should be treated with caution as they are not adhering to Dr. Bérard's protocol. 


  8. Are all practitioners claiming to be Bérard approved/certified in fact Bérard practitioners?
    Not necessarily. To confirm if a practitioner is Bérard approved, you can consult the practitioner list on the Bérard AIT website here.


  9. Are all Instructors claiming to be Bérard approved/certified in fact Bérard Instructors?
    Not necessarily. To confirm if a trainer is Bérard approved, you can consult the trainer list on the Bérard AIT website

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