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The EARDUCATOR™ (elsewhere referred to on this site simply as the Earducator) is a device which modifies sound in accordance with the specifications of the Bérard Method of Auditory Integration Training (AIT). The device is designed specifically for use by qualified Bérard AIT practitioners in structured listening sessions which aim to retrain the response of the ear to sound. Bérard AIT is not a medical intervention, and the Earducator is not a medical device. The Earducator is currently the only device in production which has been approved by the late Dr. Bérard for application of Bérard AIT.


In 1996 Hollagen Designs CC outlined a concept for a simple, compact and robust device to modulate recorded music for the application of Bérard Auditory Integration Training in South Africa. After intensive design and development effort based on new specifications provided by Dr. Guy Bérard, the first prototype EARDUCATOR was built in 1997, followed early in 1998 by improved versions. One of these was tested by Dr. Bérard and received his approval.

The development process continues as we seek to refine and improve the product. Early in 2000 Hollagen Designs was approached with a proposal to have an Earducator evaluated in the USA, with a view to possible marketing of a model there. Comparative studies of the AudioKinetron* and Earducator were then carried out in the USA. The results of these studies were favourable. (The report can be viewed here.) As a result of the positive outcome of the evaluation, a new model with universal power supply unit, the Earducator model /6F, was developed by Hollagen Designs. We were asked by Dr. Bérard in 2001 to make the device available internationally.

*Guy Berard EERS AudioKinetron, manufactured by SAPP, France.
EARDUCATOR is a trade mark of Hollagen Designs CC.



After more than 20 years' experience in the development and production of high-quality electronic apparatus - including quality assurance, field testing and reliability analysis of military grade measuring equipment - followed by design & development of intruder detection devices, fire alarm systems, access control equipment and large system integration ("turnkey" solutions for management of airconditioning, lighting, security, fire detection, etc.), Tim Hagen founded Hollagen Designs Close Corporation in 1994.
Early projects included "tapeless" message store/recall units for announcements, small audio mixers, portable public address mixer/amplifiers, and high-gain low noise preamplifiers. Some of these products are still manufactured from time to time.

Much of our current activity involves design, development & production of dedicated plug-in modules for large audio installations typically found in office buildings, railway station concourses or airports. These various modules range from multi-channel line/microphone preamplifiers with automatic priority over-ride switching, through masking-sound noise generator/controllers for open-plan office areas, and high power 100 volt audio line routing cards with cable failure detection, to microcontroller-based alarm & evacuation tone generators. The Earducator project represents a blend of our interests in audio engineering, reliable product design, and producing easy-to-use devices aimed to improve the quality of life.

Earducator and power supply shown as supplied (mains cable to power unit is not included).
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